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  • Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery - As a fellow of The Academy of Ambulatory Foot & Ankle Surgery, we offer excellent surgical options for minimal scarring, minimal discomfort, minimal time off, so you can get back on your healthy feet in no time.  Dr. T.J. Ahn is a fellow of the Academy of Ambulatory Foot & Ankle Surgery, and he performs minimally invasive surgeries whenever possible... <Learn More>
  • Bunions - Dr. T.J. Ahn does a minimally invasive ambulatory surgical technique to correct bunions. It involves making a small incision less than 3mm to remove the bony exostosis or bump located along the side of the foot. He then makes another small incision on the top of the big toe to bring it into proper alignment or position. The small surgical incisions enable the surgeon to use fine specially designed instruments to obtain the best cosmetic result.... <Learn More>
  • Hammertoes - Hammertoe is a contracture or bending of one or both joints of the second, third, fourth, or fifth toes.
    The contracture of the toes is a result of a muscle / tendon imbalance between the tendons on the top and the tendons on the bottom of the toe. As a result of the deformities the toe resembles a hammer.... <Learn More>
  • Heel Pain (known as plantar fasciitis) - Heel pain is most often caused by plantar fasciitis, a condition that is sometimes also called heel spur syndrome when a spur is present.  Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the thick band of fibrous connective tissue (fascia) running along the bottom (plantar surface) of the foot, from the heel to the ball of the foot... 
  • Hyprocure® -This is an evidence-based and minimally invasive procedure, which may help you stop suffering from pain and many side effects of misaligned feet. Dr. TJ Ahn was recognized in 2016 as the first HyProCure® Center of Excellence in Chicago. The group is one of less than 20 nationwide to receive the designation from GraMedica, a global orthopedic medical device company headquartered in Macomb, Michigan. The Center of Excellence designation reflects superior quality of care, education and experience as related to the HyProCure® medical procedure. <Learn More>
  • Ingrown Toenail - Ingrown toenails (or onychocryptosis) occur when the edge of the nail grows into the skin of the toe.  They can be painful with redness and swelling around the nail... <Learn More>
  • Amniotic Fluid Injection Therapy -  You've tried rest, physical therapy and cortisone injections, and still experience chronic pain. When surgery is not an option, you may find relief with PDA Human Amniotic Fluid (PAD-HAF).  This safe, drug-free injection contains more than 200 growth factors and other naturally occurring nutrients that encourage cellular and soft tissue regeneration and reconstruction.. <Learn More>

  • Laser treatment for toenail fungus - If you’re embarrassed by toenails that are discolored, thick and crusty, then you need a safe toenail fungus treatment that will eliminate your toenail fungus for good. Toenail fungus is actually a common foot problem that you can have for years without it causing any pain. If it’s left untreated however, it can cause serious problems... <Learn More>
  • Clearanail® Procedure - NEW! Traditional treatment options for discolored, thickened, or crumbling nails often fail because they are unable to get through the toe’s nail plate. With Clearanail’s® Controlled Micro PenetrationTM technology, we can penetrate the nail safely, painlessly, and effectively! <Learn More>
  • MLS Laser Therapy: Pain management with MLS therapeutic Laser. It manages pain, reduces inflammation, and promotes speed recovery... <Learn More>
  • Shockwave Therapy - Radial Pulse Shockwave Therapy is an FDA cleared technology proven to increase the rate of healing for soft tissue injuries and for the relief of painful conditions of the foot and ankle. It is the most advanced non-invasive and highly effective treatment method that enhances blood circulation, accelerates the healing process causing damaged tissue to gradually regenerate and heal. <Learn More>
  • AquaRoll® Therapy - The all-natural Aquaroll® machine relies on nature’s most soothing and basic movement — the wave. Combining 30,000 refined glass beads with water, Aquaroll® focuses the benefits of natural wave technology in a constant, controlled setting. The socially responsible treatment is consistent, regardless of location, user and therapist. <Learn More>
  • Office-Based Surgical Suite - to provide professional and sterile environment for minimally invasive foot surgeries, and to lower patient's out-of-pocket cost. It also provides convenience, comfort, everything in one place. Click here to find out more information about OBS suite for you