If you’re embarrassed by toenails that are discolored, thick and crusty, then you need a safe toenail fungus treatment that will eliminate your toenail fungus for good. Toenail fungus is actually a common foot problem that you can have for years without it causing any pain. If it’s left untreated however, it can cause serious problems.


The toenail fungus Noveon laser treatment is a method for toenail fungus removal that works by shining a laser light beam onto the nail that breaks through the surface of the toenail, vaporizing the pathogens embedded in the nail bed that are causing the fungal infection. Once eliminated, the fungus can no longer grow.

The procedure begins working instantly, with positive results appearing as the toenail begins to grow out. There is also minimal recovery time. After the toenail fungus treatment most patients immediately put on their socks and shoes, walk right out the door and return to their daily activity.

What do studies show?


  • No side effects have been reported
  • There is minimal to no recovery time
  • It’s fast, usually requiring only three sessions (15 minutes per session)
  • It’s safe, involving no blood, bandaging or anesthesia
  • Patients report minimal to no pain
  • It’s FDA Approved - See Press release


Noveon NaiLaser - Designed to treat toenail fungus

The Noveon NaiLaser includes several features to ensure effective toenail fungus treatment:

  • Light, not heat – While most toenail fungus lasers use designs that can cause pain and may not kill the fungus, scientists have identified two laser wavelengths that are particularly effective at destroying fungus cells without producing high levels of heat.  The Noveon NaiLaser uses both. Learn More
  • Automatic operation – A computer program controls the operation of the Noveon NaiLaser.  This increases treatment effectiveness and reduces the possibility of heat buildup. 
  • Patient guards – Instead of a handheld wand, the Noveon NaiLaser uses laser pathways connected to patient guards treating up to four toes at a single time. 
  • Patient control – A patient can instantly stop treatment with a pause switch. Patient Experience

Fast treatment, no side effects

Treatment with a Noveon NaiLaser takes about a half hour.  First, patient guards are attached to infected toes.  These guards direct laser light to the toenail, ensuring that the full nail surface is covered. An automatic program operates for 15 minutes, treating up to four toes simultaneously. After treatment there are no restrictions on your activity.

We recommend scheduling a follow-up visit to check progress and provide additional treatment (usually total of 3 sessions).  We will also provide detailed written instructions about how you can avoid re-infection. 

Results?  You may see results in as little as a few weeks, but more likely in a few months, with additional improvement visible for several months as new nail surface replaces the discolored nail. 


Although not always effective, other toenail fungus treatment options include taking oral medications, applying topical treatments, or home remedies. It’s important to note that these treatments don’t kill the toenail fungus completely, have to be taken or applied daily in order to be effective, and sometimes can cause liver and kidney health risks.

  • Oral Medications – these come in the form of pills that attempts to kill the toenail fungus by entering the blood stream and attacking the toenail fungus.
  • Topical Toenail Fungus Treatment – this includes applying oils, lacquers or cream to the infected portion of the nail.
  • Home Remedies – these include using various concoctions of bleach, mouthwash, vinegar or other household cleaners to treat the fungus, but usually fail and are not recommended. You want to be careful when trying this toenail fungus removal option because the mixtures can sometimes negatively affect your skin.

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