Nonsurgical Treatment for Painful Calluses Due to Fat Pad Loss

Do you have painful corns and calluses on the bottom of your feet?  You shouldn't feel like walking on pebbles and Fat pad restoration at the United Foot & Ankle Surgeons can help you walk easy again.

We offer a minimally invasive, non-surgical way to treat foot pain caused by a callus, and even ulcerations due to loss of fat padding.  As we age, the fat pad to our feet shifts or thins down, causing increased pressure points and pain with every step we take. 

What is Leneva?

Leneva® is an allograft adipose matrix derived from donated human tissue used for tissue reconstruction. This is a safe and clinically proven solution to help with foot pain without steroid injections or surgery. 

Leneva® is a first-of-its-kind human adipose tissue for tissue reconstruction. As an all-natural extracellular matrix, Leneva is a safe, natural, off-the-shelf solution that has multiple clinical applications including, but not limited to:

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers
  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Tunneling Wounds
  • Fat Pad Reconstruction Procedures

Features & Benefits

  • Ready to use out of packaging reducing procedural preparation time
  • Wound treatment may allow for decreased long-term health costs from repeat patient visits due to wound recurrence
  • Preservation of natural derived endogenous components (matrix proteins, growth factors, cytokines) vital to adipogenesis and angiogenesis
  • Provides extracellular matrix that functions as a scaffold for patients own cells to create new fat
  • Pre-clinical studies in athymic mice demonstrate significant adipocyte formation in the host
  • Leneva is tested for sterility per USP<71> without the need for terminal sterilization methods

What to do Next?

Do you want to find out if your condition can be treated with this latest innovative solution, please book a consultation with us please call us at 773-989-2500 or click below to schedule an appointment online!