by TJ Ahn

Clearanail® procedure - A Simple Solution To A Complex Problem (Toenail Fungus)
Now Available at United Foot & Ankle Surgeons, Chicago, IL

Improve Your Treatment & Results For Unsightly Toenails With Clearanail®.

Traditional treatment options for discolored, thickened, or crumbling nails often fail because they are unable to get through the toe’s nail plate. With Clearanail’s® Controlled Micro Penetration technology, we can penetrate the nail safely, painlessly, and effectively!

Clearanail® is the world’s first ‘intelligent’ nail drill to utilize patented Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP™) technology. A fully automated fail safe system creates micro pathways in thick, unsightly toenails so that topical treatments are enhanced.

Clearanail’s® CMP™ technology is completely safe, painless and quick. 

 It produces micro holes through the nail without touching the skin beneath. The holes allow the topical solution to reach the infection without the nail acting as a barrier. The holes are just 0.4mm in diameter. The micro-pores remain in the nail until it grows out, making Clearanail® effective after a single treatment!

The Clearanail® Process Is As Easy As... 1,2.3. First, your podiatrist will provide a complete examination of the nail. Second, your podiatrist will use the Clearanail® sterile SUMs to penetrate the nail. Finally, your podiatrist will provide a topical regimen to treat your affected nail.

Never before available to the U.S. market, Clearanail® is an exciting new drug-free, pain-free medical procedure for assisting in the treatment of unsightly and embarrassing toenails. It is the first and only medical drill device, designed with Swiss technology, utilizing Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP™). With the CMP™ technology, 

physicians are able to create nearly invisible holes into a patient’s nail plate. These 0.4mm holes allow topical treatments to reach the nail bed in much higher concentrations by targeting the source of the problem. The holes are drilled with Single Use Micro-cutters (SUMs) and are disposed after each patient use to prevent nail and skin contamination with fungus, bacteria, or even molds.

Controlled Micro Penetration

CMP™ allows podiatrists to make micro pathways through a toenail in order to provide access to the nail bed for medication. Once the SUM has reached the underside of a patient’s nail plate, the unit automatically retracts, leaving no pain or injury to the patient.

According to an article in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology (Bristow 2016), Controlled Micro Penetration successfully delivers “anti-fungal drugs directly and rapidly to the site of infection.”

Unlike other new technologies for toenails that require several practice visits and procedures, Clearanail® is effective with only a single treatment. The procedure usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes. Patients then apply topical treatments at home until the affected nail grows out and a healthy nail grows in.

This simple, effective, and proven treatment solution for toenail fungus is now available at United Foot & Ankle Surgeons.  Call us at 773-989-2500 or clinic here to schedule your appointment today